Full-Service Public Relations Campaign:

Our team will develop a targeted PR strategy for your upcoming single, album release, music video release, or simply create general awareness by establishing press relationships on your behalf and continual touch points with highly targeted media outlets. We will work to secure an exclusive premiere in addition to features, interviews, podcasts, print placements in top tier media. We can also help support tour press when applicable.

Spotify Growth Campaign:

Our team will develop a personalized and targeted campaign for your song of choice, working to expand your Spotify presence through placements on third party playlists. These placements will increase your overall streams, monthly listeners and grow your overall audience, reach and authority on the platform. Pitching will be done on a song by song basis, 30 days per track. Our team will provide general guidance to increase performance and chances of placements on official Spotify playlists. We will also pitch official curators but please be aware, official playlists are not guaranteed.

Your Campaign Will:

• Increase your overall streams

• Increase your monthly listeners

• Increase your Spotify followers

• Expand overall audience and reach

Artist Coaching & DIY Music PR Academy

The DIY Music PR Academy is designed for independent artists looking for the most cost effective way to conduct a public relations campaign for their next new music release. The Academy is an online curriculum that takes you through the entire step-by-step process of how to do a professional-grade public relations campaign. We’ll teach you best practices for reaching out to music bloggers, methods to increase your fanbase and become more discoverable by fans & industry players, how to develop your release strategy and timeline, how to optimize your campaign, social media best practices and so much more. Once purchased, you will receive an email with all login information and have access to the Academy content forever and always – enabling you to use it as a resource for the entirety of your career.

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