"Publicity is absolutely crucial. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad. - Richard Branson

PR builds credibility and trust with your audience, which is simply not possible with advertising. Our highly experienced team will tell your story by reaching the bloggers, journalists, podcasters, social influencers and playlist curators who have influence in your genre. Together, we’ll expand your fanbase and take your artist brand to that next level. We’re here to help you reach your champagne goals. 

WHO WE SERVE: Artists, Industry Executives, Influencers, Labels, Distributors and Other Corporate Entities



Full-Service PR

Exclusive premieres, features, interviews, podcasts, we do it all. We go above and beyond to create expansive awareness of you, your brand and your music.

Spotify Growth Campaigns

We increase your overall streams, monthly listeners and grow your overall audience, reach and authority on the platform. 

Artist Coaching: Elevate Your Music Marketing

One-on-one music PR and marketing coaching program. Learn the proven process for getting bloggers to cover your music so you can develop your release strategy, timeline and secure write-ups, just like the pros do it.

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