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Ilja Alexander Releases EDM Remix of “Someday”

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Randall Radic

Jan 20 · 2 min read

London-based alt-pop artist Ilja Alexander introduced the music video for “Someday” a few days ago via Clash Magazine. “Someday” is from Ilja’ forthcoming album, Nature,” slated to drop in late 2020, on London’s The Playground label.

Speaking to his evolving sound, Ilja told Robin Murray of Clash, “Two years ago, I realized I had always been greatly disconnected from my emotions and emotional concepts in general. Since then I have pushed myself to better connect to my emotions and as a result, my interests began to change, one by one, among them my newly acquired interests in jazz dance and musical theatre.”


Ilja Alexander – Someday (Photo Credit: Any Tan)

Originally from Amsterdam, Ilja made waves with his debut single, followed by his second single hitting the top spot on Indonesia’s radio charts. His debut album, Hold On To Her, attracted vast attention, leading to tours throughout Asia, including Japan and Indonesia.

For his upcoming album, Ilja hooked up with a formidable team: producer/songwriters Curtis Richardson and Adien Lewis, along with engineer Matt Wiggins and mastering engineer Randy Merrill.

“Someday” opens on a strumming glittering guitar flowing into a coruscating alt-pop melody rife with sparkling layers of color. A thumping kick drum and crisp snare establish the contagious rhythm, as Ilja’s dulcet tenor infuses the lyrics with dreamy optimism and tantalizing wistful longing for his dream girl.

The video, directed by Andy Tan and Steven Elbers, shot in hues of red coloration, projects soft intimate images radiating shimmering quixotic suggestions of Ilja’s elusive perfect dream girl.

Ilja Alexander - Someday (Photo Credit: Any Tan)

Ilja Alexander – Someday (Photo Credit: Any Tan)

Commenting on the enchanting blush of the visuals, Ilja explained to Clash Magazine, “I instructed the director of the music video to take me out my comfort zone in front of the camera, presenting the viewer with powerful emotions and movement, taking the viewer in my mind to dreams of time spent with a girl, interchanging with scenes of the real world where I’m alone at the streets, dreaming to meet my dream girl someday.”

Wonderfully wrought, “Someday” serves up cashmere washes of stylish alt-pop, glossed with silky savors, and the deliciously evocative tones of Ilja Alexander.

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